Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Mama, Again

Two years ago, we welcomed a new addition to our family. I wrote about it here. Going back and reading that post makes me stop and take stock of how far I’ve come (and the immense amount I’ve learned!) since 2009.

Now, just two years later, we have upgraded and bought a new (to us) camera: a Nikon D200. I bought it from our friend Michael, who is a professional photographer. He was ready to upgrade one of his cameras, and generously sold this “old” one to me. I admit I was completely overwhelmed at first. I thought it would take me WEEKS to learn how to use it, and I didn’t have weeks. I had just committed to shooting my first wedding! But I sat down one night with the camera and the manual, and gave myself a crash course on Nikon. Silly me, I had forgotten all I’ve learned in the last two years doesn’t have to be learned all over again! I just take what I already know and figure out where the controls are for doing that same thing on a new camera body. Ha! Easy peasy.

You know I always name big purchases: cars (Petey and Louie), computers (Frank), and cameras (Penny). I’ve been pondering what we should name the Nikon. I consulted Katie, and we decided to name him Joey. So welcome to our family, Joey!IMGP0323


Gina said...

You know what I think would be a great idea? To take a photo of that gorgeous huge tree on the right side of the road right before we get to church.

Or my boys.


Congrats on the purchase!

828 Miles Later said...

I have another idea that Gina forgot to mention....a family pictures of the Schlueter's! I'm 100% serious and we will pay!

Congrats on the new family member.


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